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About Us

We are dedicated to providing the most simple and effective Tai Chi education.  The result of this is the creation of the Oz Tai Chi system.

The Oz Tai Chi exercise system is designed to deliver health benefits more effectively than traditional Tai Chi.  Oz Tai Chi is designed to be taught and learned as an exercise system (as opposed to a martial art) - that's why it's easy to learn, and the health benefits are more obvious.  Traditional Tai Chi is usually taught as a martial art (rather than exercise system) making it more complex and difficult to learn.   

Oz Tai Chi programs are designed so that they can be practiced anywhere, including small spaces such as gyms and at home.

The system is created by Master Ming Shao, Founder of the Tai Chi Kung Fu Institute and Chinese Healing Centre.

Master Shao has over 35 years experience in the Chinese martial and healing arts. He has achieved many titles,  taught at the Beijing University of Physical Education and is a current Associate Lecturer at the X'ian University of Physical Education for Tai Chi and Wushu-KungFu. 

He also holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture. 

Master Shao has combined his unique expertise in Chinese martial arts and medicine, to create the Oz Tai Chi system.

If you are thinking of teaching Tai Chi to beginners, Oz Tai Chi provides the most authentic, informative programs available.  This is our promise.


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