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Oz Tai Chi Programs 3-4






Prerequisites:                Completion of Programs 1-2

Delivery mode:              Online/Correspondence

Accreditation points:       12 CECs (04606FA, 04612FA)

Cost:                             Online:          $280

                                       Includes 1 year access to full workshop videos + course notes + instructional DVD


What you will learn:

- how to develop fluidity in your Tai Chi movements, and teach it to your clients
- the fundamental theory & principles of Tai Chi movement fluidity

- refine Tai Chi posture

- apply the principles of substantial/insubstantial in Tai Chi

- application of the Bai Hui and Ming Men pressure points in Tai Chi & Qi Gong
- Tai Chi Programs 3-4 and how to combine, mix and match with programs 1-2 to suit ALL your clients
- 3 new Qi Gong exercises

Assessments include:
i) Theory workbook      
ii) Practical assessment 



Take your Tai Chi to the next level and experience the power of Oz Tai Chi!

Who conducts the workshop? (video)​

​The course is conducted by
Master Ming Shao, Chief Instructor of Tai Chi Kung Fu Institute & Associate Professor of Tai Chi - KungFu/Wushu at China's Xian University of Physical Education.  Master Shao has coached the Australian Tai Chi and Wushu team for several years, and was the 1989-90 National Open Champion of Wushu (martial arts) in China. His teaching skills are proven in the numerous Chinese and Australian champions he has personally trained.  He is a fully qualified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and holds a PhD in Medicine -Acupuncture.  

Be quick & don’t miss out!

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