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Tai Chi Wand

Delivery mode:               Online

Accreditation points:       Not Applicable

Prerequisites:                 Nil  (suitable for beginners)

Cost:                             $280
                                    (inc. 1 year access to step-by-step class videos + Course notes + Instructional DVD + Wand)

Tai Chi Wand is the ultimate Chinese healing art, combining the qualities of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Chinese medicine into one highly effective system. 

The techniques of Tai Chi Wand are developed with Master Shao's expertise in the Chinese healing and martial arts. 

Tai Chi Wand offers superior health benefits to practitioners of all ages and experience, from beginners to advanced levels alike.

This is a simple yet highly enjoyable exercise system that is sure to be treasured by all who experience it.

What you will learn:
- Basic theory of Tai Chi philosophy and Tai Chi Wand
- Develop a brief understanding of Chinese Medicine concepts of Qi, meridians and wellbeing
- Tai Chi Wand form (exercise sequence)
- Warm ups, Stances and Correct technique for using the Wand


- Theory workbook

- Practical assessment by way of video

Tai Chi Wand Preview



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