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Comments from anonymous evaluation forms submitted by Oz Tai Chi course participants:​

"Thank-you both so much for coming to Canberra.  The Oz Tai Chi workshop was fantastic and exceeded my expectations.  I look forward to seeing you at future workshops."  Xie Xie (Litza Cooper - Canberra)
"I just wanted to Thank-you both for the training that you conducted at Club Lime over the weekend.  I really enjoyed it and it has really inspired me.  I can honestly say that was the best 'practical' training course I have done related to the fitness industry." (Craig Wallace - Manager, Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre)
"Great job guys - really enjoyed it"
"Well presented and excellent insight"
"The weekend flew past because it was so much fun"

"Well presented, excellent to follow, great value"​


NSW & WA: 

"Couldn't have done a better one"
"Enjoyed and valued Ming's experience, patience and clear instruction"
"Loved it and learned so much"
"I will recommend to many people"
"Looking forward to Programs 3-4"
"The presenters were very knowledgeable and patient"
"Really enjoyed the course more than I expected"
"Very knowledgeable and an inspiration"
"Very helpful and easy to follow directions"
"The whole program was really well explained, enjoyed all of it"
"Totally enjoyed working with you both, looking forward to learning with you in the future"


"Very impressed, kind, highly skilled, funny, well organised.  Gained heaps from a short course"
"Really enjoyed the energy of you both.  Also admired your patience with us, and going over everything so many times"
"You were both fantastic - very encouraging"
"Course is well planned and well structured to make it easy for us to learn"
"Excellent. Just a big Thank-you for coming"
"Just Great!"
"Very inspiring"
"Brilliant - let me know about programs 3-4"
"Thank-you for a very enlightening & thorough course.  I am very glad I had the opportunity to participate"
"Well taught, I'm very impressed."
"Your friendliness was really appreciated and your willingness to go over and over the points was wonderful.  Go safely, come back soon! God Bless"
"Thank-you for teaching Oz Tai Chi.  I have found the course to be of very high standard.  Ming's level of teaching is excellent and I have learnt quickly with ease.  I have never done Tai Chi before and have already, after this short course felt the benefits in release of tension and discomfort.  Ching is highly organised and has a wealth of knowledge and open, easy communication.  I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wishes to improve their health and that of others.  With thanks, Caitlin Casey, Director of Prema Yoga, New Zealand"


"This course is what we need in the fitness industry"
"Just looking forward to the next one!"
"Fantastic teachers, made you confident to leave knowing we have achieved"
"Thank-you these opportunities are rare in country NSW - Thank-you once again for sharing your knowledge"
"Perfect for this course - great team"
"Very good organisation and professional.  Very well communicated and easy to learn"

"Beyond expectations"
"Keep up the good work"
"A wonderful addition to my mind and body classes.  Thank-you for putting together a very user friendly way to learn Tai Chi"
"I really enjoyed the course and look forward to being able to teach Tai Chi in the near future.  Many Thanks"
"Wonderful - Please come to Portland"


"Thank YOU for providing us with this workshop to attend!  It really was awesome!  I am really looking forward to teaching Oz Tai Chi classes.  There has been strong interest for Tai Chi in my area for some time now.  I just need to work out when I can fit in!  Thanks again and I'll let you know how its all going when I start teaching. " (Lindy Kiazim - VIC)

Thank you very much for your true professional and relaxing workshop. I enjoyed the 2 Days very much and am looking forward to your next workshop. I have had a great response to the suggestion of introducing T C into my Community and Senior classes and will commence my first class on Monday with another group being formed as I speak. Again my thanks to you both and I hope to have a long association with Oz Tai Chi" (John Borbidge for Oz Tai Chi Ballarat)

"I have to tell you that I loved your course so much that I would like to get back into teaching part-time specifically Oz Tai Chi.  Thank you for your wonderful instruction I feel so privileged to have been instructed by someone of your experience and skills."  (Carol Whitehead - VIC)

"Thank-you again for the wonderful course you provided. I look forward to making Tai Chi an important part of my life and sharing the benefits with others. I will take a few weeks now to practice and then look into places to teach. I will look to you for more advice as questions arise. I will come to one of your classes very soon. Kind Wishes." (Kerrie Ferrari-VIC) 

"Just wanted to let you know that I feel really great after the week end of tai chi. I have had a painful left hip and knee for over a month now and kept getting stiffer and stiffer.  So during our classes I had some  sharp pain which kept me losing my concentration. I felt a bit stiff on Sunday night but now I seem to be getting better and better. My walking is lot more relaxed and smooth, still a little bit of pain in left hip but I feel like I am walking not stiffly moving my body from one point to another. I think it was probably all the horse stances that helped. I also feel more focused and calm.  I practice yoga every morning before work and have started with the Tai Chi warm ups and stances first and will add the other exercise one at a time as I go on.  I will be taking the Veteran Affairs returned service men for two sessions a week starting in November so will get my act together by then. They are so unfit that I think Tai Chi will be good for them.  Thank you for all your time and patience during the classes and all that valuable information you passes on to us.  Best wishes" (Maria Zintschenko - Frankston)

"The instruction was always given with clarity and patience.  Very enjoyable, very professionally run course!"
"Great course"
"The entire learning experience, understanding the essence of the program has been awesome"
"Well thought out and taught program"
" A fabulous experience - Tahnk-you!"
" I have learned what I have been fascinated with for 40yrs - don't know why I waited so long!!"
" A delight to work with - Thank-you for offering this course"
" Can't wait for the next program.  A great 2 days even though I missed the AFL grand final!!!"
" Thank-you very much - most enjoyable"
" I couldn't be happier with the standard of training"
" Well done.  Please continue and I look forward to your guidance"
"Loved the course - Thank-you - can't wait for more :)"

































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